Why Head Start/Preschool?


The Breckinridge County Head Start/Preschool Program recognizes that the development of skills in the cognitive, social and psychomotor domains are critical to the social and intellectual development of the child.  To that end, the Head Start/Preschool staff will design activities which meet the individual needs of the child, including those children with

identified special needs.


While the Head Start/Preschool program is not primarily an educational one, there are educational activities integrated into the total program.  It is through this coordination of educational planning with local school and community resources that the program goals of social competence and educational readiness are attained.



What Services Are Offered?


The Breckinridge County Head Start/Preschool offers services to eligible three- and four-year-old children. Many services are provided to the child and his or her family through one of the three service areas:  Early Childhood Development & Health Services (including nutrition, mental health and disabilities); Family and Community  Partnerships; and Program Governance.


Each child receives a complete developmental screening which looks at vision and hearing, along with development in the areas of physical, cognitive, social-emotional, adaptive behavior, and speech/language. Additionally, the program contracts with area health service providers to offer complete medical and dental screenings, and eye examinations by an optometrist, and treatment, if needed. The program also monitors immunizations.


Finally, each family receives a current Community Resource Handbook, program newsletters, parent/child activity sheets, and periodic progress reports.