Coach - End of Season checklist

Please see the End of Season checklist below.

Once all items on the list are checked and completed by you, I will submit to the business office for you to receive your coaching stipend.

Thank you for your help this season!

1. Collect ALL uniforms and put them in the appropriate, labeled tote

    in the  Athletic Office (Room 203 in Junior High upstairs).  

    Inventory info is to be put on the End of Season report form

2. Be sure ALL referee vouchers from the season have been turned in

3. Be sure any injury forms have been completed and turned in to the  

    High School Nurse

4. All supplies, field equipment, etc needs to be placed in appropriate

     storage location, make AD aware of any missing or damaged

     equipment or uniform pieces

5. Complete End of Season Summary form and submit to the AD

6. Be sure the following information is entered accurately into

    Schedule Galaxy: (instructions on next page)

                                       1. FINAL roster

                                       2. Game / Contest results

                                       3. Individual Awards, Varsity letter, etc  

     It is important that these items are accurate, as this

    will reflect recipients of  the “Triple Threat, Tri Sport    

    Athlete” award and other awards at the Varsity Sports  

    Banquet at the end of  the school year.


Once the coach has logged in, they will see on the left side dashboard, the team(s) they coach. To start entering rosters, they would click on the team in which they wish to begin. That brings them to their team page and schedule and they are ready to begin:

  1. Click on the blue Roster icon next to your team name and first choose the Roster Headers you want to use by clicking on Roster Settings.
  2. Check what categories/ headings you want for your roster and then click on Update Roster.
  3. Click on the green Edit Players icon.
  4. This will bring you to your school’s Student Management file. From there you can pick students to populate the roster by placing a check in the box next to their name. You can sort on the headers for name to bring all students in alphabetical order regardless of grade or you can click on the grade header to reverse the order. The quickest and easiest way to enter names is to start typing the Student’s name or Student ID number and it will appear as a choice after a few letters are typed in. Click on the student and click on Add Student and they are entered and shown at the top as entered on the team.
  5. This automatically brings over the student’s name and grade to the roster. However, before leaving the Student Management file, click on the Edit next to their name to enter other fields such as uniform number, position, etc. Or you can go back to the team page and click on their name on the roster at the bottom of the schedule to edit in that information.

You will also see you will be able to print the roster or download it to a PDF or in EXCEL format.

The roster remains hidden from public view until it’s activated by clicking on the Red  “Hidden” icon

To Add Awards (All Star, Varsity Letter recipient, etc)

If you want to see the awards for kids, go to the student file and choose a student and click on Show. There you will see the teams they were on and the awards given to them.



  1. Complete all information on this sheet and return to the Director of Athletics.  
  2. Complete the checklist on page 1.

Checklist MUST be complete in order to receive your coaching stipend.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Coach Name___________________________   Team / Season_____________________

  1. Brief Summary of Season:

  1. Varsity players receiving All Star recognition, other awards, etc:

  1. Did you have any players that quit or left the team?

  1. Requisitions / Needs for next year (Supplies & Equipment):

  1. Inventory (Uniforms, Supplies, & Equipment):


How many? (Tops / Bottoms)_____________________________________  

Purchased new this year? _________

Location where they are stored? ___________________________________