The locally elected Board of School Trustees of Lake Ridge Schools is asking for your support for additional investments in our community. These investments will allow Lake Ridge School Corporation to continue to offer the high quality educational opportunities that our young people deserve and to make the necessary improvements in our school facilities. These investments will improve the safety of our students, parents, residents, teachers and staff; while improving the quality of life in our community by protecting and increasing your property values.

Glenn I. Johnson, Board President
Jonathan Evans, Board Vice President
Kenneth Buckley, Board Secretary
Dan Diehl, Board Member
Kim Osteen, Board Member
Dr. Sharon Johnson-Shirley, Superintendent
Ms. Laura Hubinger, Business Manager
How to find your Gross Assessed Value:
  1. Visit the Lake County Assessor's website and look for your Property Record Card.
  2. Refer to your most recent Annual Tax Statement from the County Treasurer. Table 1: Line 1a, 1b or 1c.

Estimated Combined Impact of the Proposed Operating & Construction Referendum

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Combined estimated change between 2018 and 2020 property taxes due to proposed Construction & Operating Referendum.
Operating Construction Combined
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Combined Operating & Construction Referendum
With Referenda
2018 Total School Tax Rate
$ 2.9238
Estimated 2020 Total School Tax Rate $ 2.7056
Estimated 2020 Operating Referenda Tax Rate $ 0.9986
Estimated 2020 Construction Referenda Tax Rate $ 1.072
  $ 4.7762
Estimated Net change from 2018 to 2020 due To Operating & Construction Referendum $ 1.8524
Proposed Maximum Construction Referenda Tax Rate To Be Seen On The Ballot $ 1.1192
Proposed Maximum Operating Referenda Tax Rate To Be Seen On The Ballot $ 1.0028
Proposed Maximum Operating & Construction Referendum Tax Rate To Be Seen On The Ballot $ 2.1238
  1. The results of this calculator will differ from the calculator found on the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance's ("DLGF") web page. The DLGF's calculator will only present the maximum ballot rate of $1.1192 (Construction) or $1.0028 (Operating), without accounting for the 2020 roll off of exempt debt or growth in net assessed valuation. The above calculator attempts to present the complete picture due to the paying down of exisiting debt and the impact of the 2020 roll off of exempt debt.
  2. The total tax rate includes tax rates of other taxing districts in addition to the school corporation. The referenda liability will change in relation to changes with other overlapping and underlying tax district changes.
  3. Real property assessments are adjusted annually due to changes in market conditions. The referenda liability will change in relation to changes in parcel gross assessed values.
  4. Homestead parcels are assumed to have homestead, supplemental homestead and mortgage deductions.
  5. For simplicity, local income tax property tax credits and/or over 65 credits have NOT been included in the tax calculator estimate and your actual tax bill may be less than what is estimated in the calculator.
  6. The Maximum Net Change In Combined Debt Service Tax Liability represents the estimated change in 2020 vs. the actual liability in 2018, when the repayment of debt is to begin. 2020 estimated tax rates represents Policy Analytics assumptions for assessed value growth and levy rates for operating funds.
  7. The tax liability related to when circuit breaker exempt debt is scheduled to roll off, as dictated by Indiana State statute, represents the estimated impact in 2020 vs. the actual liability in 2018. The change is due to more parcels reaching circuit breaker protection due to reduced circuit breaker exempt debt.
  8. The tax liability is based on an estimated 20 year bond issue. The payments would then be increased to their maximum in year 2021 (the $1.1192 increase that will appear in the referenda question is based on the maximum payment in 2021).