Soddy-Daisy Trojan Battalion


Specialty Teams

The Raiders are a team that competes in a multitude of competitions including leadership training, teamwork, and physical activity. They do everything from building rope bridges to running obstacale courses. The Raider team is for people who want to challenge their body as well as their mind.
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Rifle Team
The Rifle team is a competitive marksmanship team that shoots at targets from 30 feet away in three positions, standing, kneeling, and prone. This team is all about keeping your heart-beat down and staying as relaxed as you can as you shoot at your target. The Rifle team is for people who want to challenge their patience and skill. Steady aim is key for people who want to join this team.
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Drill Team
The Drill Team is a team about precision. It is for people who strive for perfection and want to look their best. They compete in numerous competitions, such as Exhibition, Colorguard, and IDR. From spinning rifiles to presenting the nations colors, Drill team represents pride and accomplishment.
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